Hi, my name is Chedy Missaoui (pronounced Shedy), I live in Béja, Tunisia. I aspire to become a business savvy technical dominator, currently I’m specializing in building ASP.NET Core web applications and building a commodity software development business around this expertise.

Since very early in my career I’ve been interested in producing meaningful quality work swiftly, I discovered along the way that a mix of deep technical knowledge, an awareness of best practices and a pragmatic attitude towards building software/infrastructure is the way to go.

After six years of studies and internships from which I gained a considerable experience, I realized that I wanted to build a business, that’s why I am aiming at leveling up my business skills that have been very underdeveloped in the past.

One year as passed now since I’ve started my freelancing business and so far I managed to deliver successfully to my previous (and first) customer. Today I am looking forward for more fruitful collaborations.