Automated Testing

Using C++ from elixir with nifs

Using python from elixir

Modern CSS layouts with Grids and Flexboxes

CSS animations basic guide

a library for building tags

Discovering JavaScript ES6

Small functional programming exercise in Elixir

The Circuit Breaker Pattern Part 3 - Elixir implementation

Implementing a state machine in elixir

Understanding async/await in C#

The Circuit Breaker Pattern Part 2 - C# implementation

HTML Cheat Sheet For Beginners

the circuit breaker pattern
part 1 - basic principle

Why I Like C#

conserving genserver state between crashes with a companion process

make sure to start with a Xamarin forms project

Reactive extension
choose the proper subject type

phoenix channels C# client

reactive extension in C#

conserving channel instance assigned state between crashes

genserver contention and what to do about it

lessons learned from the lean startup

elixir and phoenix so far, channels

elixir and phoenix so far, routing and controllers

Basic Docker Cheat Sheet

the elixir/erlang platform

Deploying Xamarin Android Project to x86 emulator

specification for an input/output view model class

bringuing async/await to callback based asynchronous interfaces

Model View View Model

Auto-complete for the Dynamic Form Tag Helper

Handling Multiple Choices Fields In The Dynamic Form Tag Helper

Customizing Dynamic Form Tag Helper Generation

Supporting Complex Type Properties in The Dynamic Form Tag Helper

Revisiting Programmatic Tag Helper Rendering

Tag Helpers Rendering
Part 2

Tag Helpers Rendering
Part 1

First Dynamic Form Tag Helper Attempt

Considering an Asp.Net Core Reactive Form Tag Helper

Rendering a tag helper inside another tag helper

The Very Basics of Nesting for Tag Helpers

Render partials with Core View Components

Using the old HtmlHelper inside tag helpers

I took John Sonmez's blogging course

Basic tag helpers creation cheat sheet core tag helpers usage cheat sheet

Things that matter when building a web app